3 Ways ChronosCloud Beats Out Big IT Integrations

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  • Jan. 22, 2018

    There are no shortage of approaches to supply chain visibility these days. It’s generally accepted that supply chain visibility is a must-have for enterprise-level businesses with multi-party supply chains, but theory and execution are quite different. Many businesses don’t yet understand that end-to-end supply chain visibility is within their reach—and doesn’t require any large scale integration driven by their existing IT department or ERP software.

    Here are four reasons why visibility solutions like ChronosCloud will always beat out traditional integrations.

    1. ChronosCloud Was Designed By Supply Chain Engineers

    Unlike other visibility solutions designed by IT professionals, ChronosCloud was built from the ground up by supply chain professionals. This simple concept is the core value of the ChronosCloud solution. Every ChronosCloud integration includes an ongoing consultative process with ChronosCloud engineers, which guarantees that the supply chain metrics most critical to business success are.

    2. ChronosCloud Integrations Are Fast

    Think of how long it takes to launch new IT initiative with just a single partner. Aside from the weeks of contacting vendors and collecting disparate streams of data, the platform itself needs to be designed, tested, and deployed. Many time, the best case scenario is a visibility solution that launches five to six months after initialization.

    By contrast, the ChronosCloud platform is already designed, tested, and ready to go. In most cases, a connection can be set up and established within 30 days.

    3. ChronosCloud Combines Simplicity and Sophistication

    The unfortunate reality of most IT-designed and -led ERP integrations is that they’re complicated. And often, this complexity reduces the value of the solution. What good is visibility if users can’t find value-driving insights in the data?

    ChronosCloud offers a user-friendly platform where all end-to-end data can be logged, compared, and analyzed. The platform uses a single dashboard to create a chronological timeline of all orders, suppliers, and transactions. Bigger IT integrations may be able to collect the same data, but as ChronosCloud was designed with supply chain operators in mind, no other solution on the market can match its simplicity as a supply chain resource planning tool.

    It’s Easier Than You Think to Achieve End-to-End Visibility

    Data by research network PwC tells us that integrating new information systems is one of the top challenges for businesses deploying new technologies. Of course, these studies focused on traditional IT infrastructure far more problematic than ChronosCloud. As solutions like ChronosCloud become the norm in supply chain optimization, organizations will stop seeing supply chain visibility as a challenge—and will start wondering how they ever did without it.

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