How Visibility Solutions Drive Bottom Line Profitability

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  • Jan. 15, 2018

    It’s impossible to separate supply chain operations from your organization’s bottom line. Every logistics decision made or optimization considered will reverberate through your supply chain and impact your profitability—for better or for worse.

    Naturally, visibility into supply chain operations is the key to sound optimization, but the benefits of visibility on your bottom line aren’t limited to the backend. They also have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. According to research performed by 3PL, over 45 percent of shoppers have abandoned an order due to poor order transparency. Think of all the lost revenue these businesses could have earned by implementing a system of supply chain visibility into their infrastructure.

    Visibility Means Value-Adding Efficiency

    Consider how visibility solutions like ChronosCloud add bottom line value to the supply chain. ChronosCloud was designed to include the most important supply chain monitoring features that provide actionable intelligence beyond just an ERP’s scope. No matter how many suppliers are involved or what time zones they’re in, ChronosCloud aggregates information from each supplier ERP, edge device, and Internet of Things source into a single stream of collaborative data for analysis and comparison.

    This visibility focuses supply chain resource planning and gives business owners insight into which supply chain improvements will have the biggest impact on revenue:

    • Across all touchpoints, supplier actions are aligned to the sales order, which lets users track each order across its entire lifecycle.

    • As ChronosCloud captures order information from the point of manufacture, OEMs can see how units are consolidated during transit. Users can search by individual carton number if an order goes missing, which significantly decreases backtracking time needed to locate missing inventory. At the enterprise level, this type of insight can mean significant cost savings.

    • With end-to-end visibility and a comprehensive view of supply chain operations, OEMs gain access to new optimization strategies never before possible: Can touchpoints be eliminated? Is there excess inventory in-transit that could be reduced?

    Don’t Settle for Unclear Supply Chain Operations

    ChronosCloud isn’t just an application or a business tool: It’s a comprehensive platform for managing multi-party supply chains from end-to-end. But don’t be fooled by its sophistication—the platform was designed by supply chain engineers to be easy to integrate and easy to use.

    From supplier benchmarking to process optimization, ChronosCloud provides numerous benefits to a business’s bottom line—especially for enterprise-level organizations plagued by the inefficiencies of their complex, multi-party supply chains.

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