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3 Ways ChronosCloud Beats Out Big IT Integrations

  • Written by admin
  • Jan. 22, 2018

There are no shortage of approaches to supply chain visibility these days. It’s generally accepted that supply chain visibility is a must-have for enterprise-level businesses with multi-party supply chains, but theory and execution are quite different. Many businesses don’t yet understand that end-to-end supply chain visibility is within their reach—and doesn’t require any large scale integration driven by their existing IT department or ERP software.

Here are four reasons why visibility solutions like ChronosCloud will always beat out traditional integrations.

How Visibility Solutions Drive Bottom Line Profitability

  • Written by admin
  • Jan. 15, 2018

It’s impossible to separate supply chain operations from your organization’s bottom line. Every logistics decision made or optimization considered will reverberate through your supply chain and impact your profitability—for better or for worse.

Naturally, visibility into supply chain operations is the key to sound optimization, but the benefits of visibility on your bottom line aren’t limited to the backend. They also have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. According to research performed by 3PL, over 45 percent of shoppers have abandoned an order due to poor order transparency. Think of all the lost revenue these businesses ...

Are Supply Chain Lags Increasing Your Risk?

  • Written by admin
  • Jan. 8, 2018

Every minute your inventory is in transit, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Some risk during transit is unavoidable, but supply chain operators often confuse which risks are necessary and which come as a result of supply chain inefficiency.

This is why solutions like ChronosCloud were created. ChronosCloud is a revolutionary supply chain visibility platform that provides end-to-end transparency of all operations. Data is gathered from each supplier and presented collaboratively in a single dashboard. Processes that used to exist in silos are laid out from OEM to customer, giving users a simple way to track inventory across every supplier ...

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