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Understanding the “When” of Supply Chain Operations

  • Written by admin
  • Sept. 25, 2017

Supply chain operators often get bogged down deciding why they should take action, leaving other parts of their decision neglected; namely, the when of supply chain operations. Supply chain executives must be able to track the chronological flow of inventory from the moment it enters the supply chain to the moment it arrives at the customer’s door.

Myth 12: Visibility Integrations Have to Be IT-Oriented

  • Written by admin
  • Sept. 11, 2017

Given how challenging supply chain visibility can be to achieve, confusion surrounding the concept is understandable. Executives assume that to achieve supply chain visibility, they need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure that gathers data from each touchpoint and delivers it in ways that operators can use to improve performance.

This myth isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous: The complexity involved in integrating multi-party data with traditional ERPs can quickly become overwhelming.

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