Leverage Data Across Your Entire Ecosystem for Actionable Insights

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  • Dec. 26, 2017

    There’s no shortage of data in multi-party supply chains. Supplier ERPs, edge sources, and the ever-increasing number of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices all contribute to an explosion of big data that, in theory, provide limitless value

    In practice, things are rarely that simple. Supply chain operators are inundated with information from all sides but have few ways to leverage it across their entire supply chains. And for multi-party supply chains with mountains of data coming in from global suppliers, the only way to make sense of the information is to take a holistic view of supply chain operations and see how all the pieces fit together

    Unlocking Supply Chain Visibility

    Consider how visibility solutions such as ChronosCloud enable this holistic approach. ChronosCloud works by collecting data from every part of the supply chain—supplier ERPs, IoT sensors, edge devices, and online sources—and presenting it in a single end-to-end interface.

    With this type of end-to-end visibility, supply chain operators can discover actionable insights from the moment orders are made to their point of final consumption:

    • Point of manufacture: ChronosCloud captures all relevant information for each sales order starting at the factory floor. This sales order number is used throughout the process to reduce the complexities that come from each supplier assigning their own tracking codes to an order.

    • In-transit supplier performance: With end-to-end visibility, it’s easy to benchmark supplier performance for in-transit inventory. ChronosCloud exposes wasted time during handoff between suppliers. It turns out, even healthy supply chains are subject to these inefficiencies: Research released by Forrester and Tungsten Network showed that 30 percent of businesses surveyed reported a loss of revenue or partners due to poor supplier management.

    • Post-delivery data analysis: ChronosCloud connects all devices, sensors, and data sources within a single platform, making it possible to review manufacturing, transportation, and distribution performance for each individual order to gain a holistic view of supply chain operations.

    A survey of companies with global supply chains conducted by Aberdeen Group showed that 63 percent of organization believe that supply chain visibility is a top priority for improvement. ChronosCloud is a powerful analytics engine that produces this visibility while enabling smarter decision-making through data-backed analysis. Organizations that try to assess their supply chain ecosystem in silos will never be able to see how each piece of the puzzle influences overall performance. But through ChronosCloud, end-to-end visibility (and the associated benefits therein) are just the beginning of the value that supply chain operators can find

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