Better, Faster, or Cheaper: Why Do I Have to Choose?

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  • Dec. 18, 2017

    There’s an old saying in business about getting results that are good, fast and cheap. You can choose any two of those variables.

    Quality and speed don’t come cheap. Cheap and fast don’t produce quality. This is particularly true in traditional supply chain logistics, where incremental improvements of a fraction of a percent are considered achievements. This idea, however, is a myth. Christian Titze, the Research Director at Gartner, recently spoke about how this type of misinformation can lead businesses astray:

    “These myths distract us from the real issues and solutions surrounding supply chain visibility, causing us to make decisions based on assumptions that are wrong, expensive or even dangerous.”

    But what if your business didn’t have to choose between speed, affordability, and quality? What if a software integration could provide complete end-to-end efficiency of supply chain operations without the need for expensive IT restructuring or years of work negotiating with suppliers?

    End-to-End Control With ChronosCloud

    Those who believe that you can’t have it all may never have seen ChronosCloud: A software solution that provides complete end-to-end visibility of supply chain operations. ChronosCloud works by aggregating data from supplier ERPs, edge devices, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sources to create a single stream of collaborative data that accounts for every touchpoint in an organization’s supply chain. ChronosCloud normalizes this data and makes it available at the click of a button by tying everything back to what matters to the customer—the sales order.

    And while traditional logistics providers may argue that quality, speed of implementation, and affordability are impossible to coordinate, ChronosCloud makes it possible:

    • A Promise of Quality: Unlike other solutions, ChronosCloud offers a single, comprehensive  tool for creating a chronological timeline of all supply chain information. ChronosCloud was designed by supply chain engineers with years of experience in optimization logistics. It’s the expertise of these integration professionals that gives ChronosCloud an edge over other visibility platforms on the market.

    • Speed of Implementation: Working with ChronosCloud’s expert team of engineers means that business owners don’t need to worry about business downtime during implementation as they would during a full IT restructuring. ChronosCloud’s team coordinates with each supplier in the system to join ERP data and effortlessly bring end-to-end visibility to the supply chain. It’s simple, effective, and faster to launch than many large-scale IT integrations.

    • Affordability: ChronosCloud’s nominal costs are an investment in the wealth of value-driving benefits that come from supply chain visibility. The control tower approach offered by the platform improves information availability, efficiency of processes, and better decision making across the board. In a survey of supply chain executives conducted by Gatepoint Research, only seven percent of respondents admitted to having visibility into every one of their supply chain tiers.

    Organizations that leverage the benefits of visibility solutions like ChronosCloud gain significant advantages over competitors who believe that they have to choose between quality, speed, and cost. ChronosCloud joins each of these factors into a straightforward and user-friendly platform, making it the perfect choice for business owners who understand that they don’t have to compromise to meet their business goals.

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