Tired of Bringing a Software Knife to a Data Gun Fight?

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  • Nov. 6, 2017

    They say you should never bring a knife to a gun fight—and we agree.

    But as we deal in supply chain logistics, we prefer to put it in terms more relevant to our clients: Never bring a software knife to a data gun fight.

    What does this mean in terms of your supply chain?

    Businesses are in constant competition with one another to achieve cost-saving optimizations and logistics improvements that drive competitive advantage. And as many of these businesses are seeing, the supply chain is an area ripe for value-driving improvements. Chief among these improvements is the need for improved visibility through solutions such as ChronosCloud.

    Supply Chain Visibility is Power

    A Supply Chain Visibility report conducted by Aberdeen Group showed that of 149 companies surveyed, 91 percent agreed that better supply chain visibility is either a medium or high priority for improvement. However, even though these companies understand the need for visibility, their current ERPs are not sophisticated enough to provide end-to-end transparency of operations.

    This is the software “knife” that companies are bringing to the supply chain fight—but unfortunately, these tools can’t manage of the most critical aspects of supply chain operations: The data.

    Visibility Relies on Data

    Supply chain visibility means collecting data from every aspect of the supply chain, including each supplier’s ERPs, databases, and more. This is where most companies struggle—their IT systems aren’t equipped to manage multiple data streams from multiple sources. This causes them to press their disadvantaged supply chains for miniscule improvements in other areas, when in truth, all they really need is a way to better manage their data.

    This is where ChronosCloud comes in: It’s a new type of visibility platform that adds firepower to the supply chain optimization arsenal.

    The Benefits of ChronosCloud

    ChronosCloud provides complete mastery over supply chain data. ChronosCloud aggregates data from each supplier and presents it all within a single, user-friendly dashboard for simplicity and convenience.

    By collecting information from each of these disconnected sources and normalizing it in a single interface, ChronosCloud offers complete end-to-end visibility of supply chain performance. This means that every touchpoint is laid out in chronological order to give users a linear view of how orders flow through their pipelines. This data mastery is what makes ChronosCloud a force to be reckoned with in supply chain optimization; the platform combines data from supplier ERPs, databases, online sources, edge devices, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors to guarantee that no visibility or data stone is left unturned.

    Imagine how powerful this type of visibility is when applied to modern, global supply chains. When operators can track each data flow individually and within the context of the entire supply chain, they’re empowered with a level of control that drives serious competitive advantage compared with the compromising optimization solutions used by their competitors.

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