Needle In the Haystack: How Do You Know Where to Look for Supply Chain Data?

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  • Oct. 30, 2017

    Achieving complete supply chain visibility is becoming a top priority for improving supply chain health.

    Research performed by Aberdeen Group on business capacity planning reveals that 29 percent of businesses believe their top IT challenge is lack of visibility into how their systems are operating—and that business owners who achieve end-to-end visibility into their IT infrastructure consistently have superior performance, reliability, and productivity.

    But to achieve these benefits in a supply chain environment, operators have to know where to look.

    The Drawbacks of Traditional Logistics

    Under traditional supply chain infrastructure management, something as simple as tracking a single sales order throughout its life cycle is deceivingly complex. Each manufacturer or transit partner assigns their own reference numbers for stock as it moves through their network, and most of these organizations have little communication with one another. Thus, if an OEM gets called by a customer and requests the status of a particular SKU, that OEM has the responsibility of tracking down that stock, wherever it may be in the supply chain.

    However, supply chain operators no longer have to be left holding the bag when customers demand answers. New visibility solutions such as ChronosCloud are changing the way operators look at their supply chains and give users incredible new ways to examine supply chain performance.

    A New System of Supply Chain Visibility

    ChronosCloud is a platform that provides complete end-to-end supply chain visibility and comprehensive data management for every touchpoint that handles inventory.

    The system has been designed for supply chain executives, by supply chain executives. ChronosCloud engineers connect with each supplier to gather data from ERPs, databases, edge devices, online sources, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. This data is integrated into the platform and laid out from end-to-end to provide a chronological view of the supply chain in real time. ChronosCloud normalizes all of this data into a single interface and ties everything back to what matters to the customer: The sales order.

    The ChronosCloud Advantage

    Consider the above scenario with ChronosCloud in the picture. When a client calls to request the location of a sales order, users can log in to the platform and perform a simple search across all warehoused and in-transit inventory. Thanks to ChronosCloud’s integration of all data from OEM to client, users no longer need to track down inventory across disparate suppliers—the hard work is already done. A simple query can provide information on every aspect of a sales order, from its point of origin to its current location to its point of consumption.

    Plus, by making these connections with the OEM’s transit partners, operators can see transit events in real-time as they develop. This level of responsiveness and insight forms the backbone of the value provided by software visibility solutions. With solutions like ChronosCloud, supply chain operators never need to worry about where to look—all information they need is available at the click of a button.

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