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  • Oct. 24, 2017

    A Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration study conducted by ARC Advisory Group via Forbes found that the supply chain visibility and collaboration market is the fastest growing segment of any area of supply chain optimization.

    This is no surprise to those familiar with the benefits of visibility to supply chain performance. Visibility is correlated with greater supply chain agility, responsiveness, and flexibility. It supports better inventory management and demand forecasting. Truly, there are few areas of the supply chain that are not improved through better visibility. So why, then, do so many businesses fail to implement supply chain visibility solutions that provide these much-needed performance boosts?

    ChronosCloud and Supply Chain Performance

    Research by Aberdeen Group into supply chain visibility showed that the biggest business pressure faced by Chief Supply Chain Officers is the increasing complexity of the average supply chain. And of the strategies used to address this issue, 44 percent agreed that it is necessary to have a way to synchronize data across a supply chain’s various management platforms and internal groups.

    This is the answer to our question. Supply chain operators understand the need to gain insight into their complicated supply chains but do not know how to make sense of the data they have at their disposal.  Fortunately, this is exactly why solutions such as ChronosCloud were created. ChronosCloud provides complete end-to-end visibility of the supply chain by providing a single platform where all relevant supply chain data can be collected and reviewed.

    This type of visibility reduces the complexity of global supply chains by laying out the supply chain and providing chronological timelines of all sales orders. This data can be leveraged in numerous ways to improve supply chain health:

    • Resource planning: ChronosCloud allows supply chain operators to better manage resources by creating a linear timeline of customer orders that highlights potential inefficiencies. For example, supplier performance can be benchmarked to identify barriers to on-time delivery or locations where shipping errors occur.

    • Demand forecasting: Through end-to-end visibility, sales data can be tied back to specific orders to provide information for projecting future demand. Combining this with ChronosCloud’s resource planning features means that users have the necessary data to feed back into forecasting models and increase the accuracy of their demand predictions.

    • IT compatibility: Other Supply Chain Resource Planning solutions may not offer full integration with each vendor in the supply chain, but ChronosCloud has been built from the ground by supply chain experts to be easy to use and easy to integrate with the ERPs used by supply chain suppliers. It doesn’t require a large-scale IT project to implement, and guarantees a single stream of collaborative supply chain data.  

    Supply chain performance relies on visibility—and no other visibility solution on the market is as effective, straightforward, or user-friendly as ChronosCloud.

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