My Supply Chain Is a Mess, But Who Knows Where?

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  • Oct. 9, 2017

    In the early days of supply chain logistics, the typical supply chain was small and confined enough that visibility wasn’t a concern. If you wanted to know what was going on, you could often do that just by walking around a factory or warehouse.

    These days, with outsourcing and global manufacturing and distribution, visibility is one the top concerns—if not the top concern—facing supply chain executives. Multi-party supply chains have so many touchpoints to manage and so much data to sort through that they’re nearly impossible to understand.

    But nearly impossible doesn’t mean impossible—and with systems such as ChronosCloud providing end-to-end visibility of all supply chain operations, organizations gain valuable insight into the potential shortcomings of their supply chains.

    The ChronosCloud Advantage

    ChronosCloud is a complete end-to-end solution for achieving supply chain visibility. In terms of supply chain optimization, end-to-end refers to the entirety of a company’s supply chain, from manufacturing location to the point of fulfilment. ChronosCloud provides a complete view of an organization’s supply chain across all suppliers and touchpoints.

    But ChronosCloud goes beyond providing a chronological timeline of inventory flows, and brings all of a multi-party supply chain’s data together into the cloud. Once gathered, the platform normalizes all data for later review in a single, end-to-end interface. Platforms such as ChronosCloud take the guesswork out of supply chain optimization and expose all hidden areas of inefficiency, making it easy for supply chain executives to determine what needs improvement:

    • Are transportation providers sending freight along inefficient traffic routes?

    • Are shipping methods un-optimized and unconsolidated such that manufacturers must pay excessive shipment fees?

    • Is inventory being managed efficiently at each warehousing location and routed efficiently to distribution hubs?

    Managing the performance of numerous vendors is challenging without management systems such as ChronosCloud. And while these type of end-to-end visibility solutions are still new to the market, research performed by Aberdeen Group on best-in-class supply chains revealed that platform-based visibility tools were well-represented across the industry’s top performers:

    • 85 percent have online visibility into in-transit shipment status

    • 78 percent have access to inbound supply chain data needed for decision-making

    • 68 percent have visibility into supplier quality and manufacturing companies

    End-to-End Visibility

    But the value of ChronosCloud isn’t just limited to the functionality of the software. The true potential for supply chain optimization is unlocked through personalized support from the ChronosCloud team. As ChronosCloud is a platform designed by supply chain executives, its application is as unique as each business using it. Those who integrate ChronosCloud into their systems not only gain a complete, end-to-end perspective of their supply chains, but also gain the support and guidance of supply chain professionals who can customize the platform’s features for maximum efficiency.

    The above research by Aberdeen found that best-in-class supply chains are twice as likely as the rest to have visibility into supplier quality, manufacturing processes, and overall performance. And through integrations such as ChronosCloud, any business can join the ranks of supply chain owners who have complete control and visibility over their workflows.

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