Myth 12: Visibility Integrations Have to Be IT-Oriented

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  • Sept. 11, 2017

    Given how challenging supply chain visibility can be to achieve, confusion surrounding the concept is understandable. Executives assume that to achieve supply chain visibility, they need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure that gathers data from each touchpoint and delivers it in ways that operators can use to improve performance.

    This myth isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous: The complexity involved in integrating multi-party data with traditional ERPs can quickly become overwhelming.

    Achieving end-to-end visibility does not require an overhaul of any existing IT infrastructure. All it takes is installation of a ready-made platform that’s purpose-build for Supply Chain Resource Planning (SCRP).

    ChronosCloud Integration

    The inherent expense of IT investments can be enough to dissuade any supply chain executive from committing to the process, but fortunately, visibility solutions exist that can be implemented without substantial overhead or restructuring of any established networks.

    This is the value of ChronosCloud—a complete end-to-end solution for achieving supply chain visibility. ChronosCloud is a singular software platform that provides a complete view of a business’s supply chain across all suppliers and touchpoints. Data is collected from each touchpoint and integrated into the ChronosCloud system, which allows users to see a chronological view of each product as it travels through the supply chain.

    This method harmonizes the data provided by each supplier under a single reference number for each order. This system cuts down on the inefficiencies inherent to managing global supply chains and empowers users with a level of information availability impossible to find elsewhere.

    Visibility Free Of IT

    ChronosCloud provides all of the benefits of a large-scale IT optimization at a fraction of the cost or effort. Instead of having to track down each supplier and manually collect data, ChronosCloud offers supply chain executives a way to automatically upload and view information on each touchpoint in the system. A single data integration is all it takes for each supplier, removing the “paper chase” of traditional supply chain optimization and allowing users to focus their attention on streamlining their workflows. But the benefits don’t stop at product lifecycle tracking and supplier management—ChronosCloud also offers simple tools for auditing.

    With ChronosCloud’s built-in functionality and inventory tracking systems, supply chain executives have a concrete method for receiving proof of delivery on each order. And when the need for auditing arises, all orders can be placed into a single query and sent out to the auditor.

    ChronosCloud’s extensive functionality is a result of the insight and expertise that went into producing the software. The developers of ChronosCloud are supply chain executives and logistics professionals who were unsatisfied with the current supply chain visibility solutions on the market. With this in mind, ChronosCloud was developed to simplify increasingly complex supply chains by laying them out end-to-end and giving users access to the tracking tools that help them best manage supply chain performance.

    Simplified Workflows through ChronosCloud

    Through ChronosCloud, users can gain a comprehensive view of all supply chain operations without the need for complex updates to their IT architecture or worrying about the costs of in-house IT teams. The software dashboard gives user access to features essential to supply chain health:

    • Chronological timelines of each product as it travels among supply chain touchpoints

    • Consolidated reference tracking numbers for each supplier, resulting in a singular management system that unites all supplier data under one dashboard

    • Simplified order management and history reporting for future assessment and auditing convenience

    With these features, ChronosCloud lets supply chain operators completely rethink the way they handle their supply chains. No IT required.

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