Myth 9: Multi-Party Means Multi-Platform

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  • Aug. 22, 2017

    The days of in-house supply chain are over. These days, a successful, global manufacturing and distribution strategy requires multiple parties almost by definition. So, any effective supply chain optimization solution must take all parties into account, including raw goods suppliers, distribution centers, manufacturers, freight forwarding and final-mile delivery partners, and whomever else handles your inventory.

    Unfortunately, with many partners comes many platforms for data. Enterprise operations executives may get stuck coordinating with each of their suppliers’ own ERP systems to achieve complete end-to-end visibility. More often, they just give up—integrating with a few, key partners and accepting a loss of visibility or manual searching for the rest.

    Simplify the Supply Chain

    Your supply chain does not need to rely on the siloed data systems used by each supplier. Through next-generation Supply Chain Resource Planning (SCRP) solutions like ChronosCloud, businesses gain critical insight into supply chain performance by integrating their supply chain from end-to-end.

    Platforms like ChronosCloud offer new methods of supply chain management by creating a unified system of end-to-end visibility that takes each touchpoint into account. ChronosCloud builds on your existing ERP system to create targeted points of information exchange between you and each key supplier. Using APIs, the platform pulls all supplier information into a single place, normalizes it within the cloud, and provides a single, end-to-end interface for review. This makes it easy to view and analyze supply chain touchpoints in context and reveal areas of inefficiency. Operators can also use several of ChronosCloud’s other features to augment data collection, which involve pulling data from online, edge, and Internet of Things (IoT) sources.

    Multi-Party Unity

    Through ChronosCloud, end-to-end supply chain unity can be achieved. No matter how many touchpoints are involved or what systems each supplier uses, ChronosCloud gathers all relevant performance information and provides a straightforward way to manage supply chain health. The benefits of this end-to-end visibility include:

    • Synchronization of supply chain performance across the product lifecycle: Inefficiencies in the system can easily be identified and improved. How much would it be worth to an enterprise if just one day’s inventory could be removed from the pipeline?

    • Benchmarking supplier performance: With the supply chain laid out linearly for executives to review, granular control over each supplier is possible.

    • Tracking previously unexposed areas of inefficiency: These include elements such as wasted time during handoff between distributors or poor shipment consolidation. These costs are often hidden and degrade supply chain performance.

    • Receiving actionable analytics: ChronosCloud provides real-time information about supply chain health that operators can use to assess performance over time.

    Each of these benefits contributes to greater supply chain control and, thus, reduced cost. ChronosCloud is a singular system of business intelligence that unites the systems of all parties in the supply chain, no matter where they are or what they do. This eliminates the siloed processes found in the typical supply chain and creates a system of complete visibility and end-to-end control.

    Industry Expertise

    The value of ChronosCloud extends beyond supply chain performance. The ChronosCloud platform was developed by supply chain logistics experts to provide a comprehensive system of data visibility and supply chain coordination. Through years of industry experience dealing with supply chain optimization, the ChronosCloud designers have identified the workflows most critical to performance and included them in platform. ChronosCloud users receive a built-in assurance that their supply chains are being monitored across all key channels by experts who know how to achieve complete supply chain visibility.  

    ChronosCloud is the easiest way for executives to bring multi-party supply chain data together in the cloud and normalize that information so it can be viewed and analyzed in an end-to-end interface. This type of actionable business intelligence is not yet the industry standard for supply chain optimization, but as time goes on, it’s set to revolutionize the way executives handle their supply chains.

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