Myth 8: It’s Difficult to Remove Supply Chain Silos

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  • Aug. 21, 2017

    Traditional logistics tell us that it’s difficult—or impossible—to eliminate each silo in the supply chain. Every supplier is different with its own unique standards of conduct, definitions of performance, and internal data to report how inventory is handled.

    Without an end-to-end multiparty platform for exposing these areas of inconsistency, true supply chain optimization cannot be reached. And unfortunately, with many of the prevailing supply chain management applications, these process and data silos make true optimization impossible.

    Rethinking Supply Chain Logistics

    Thanks to a new generation of cloud-based Supply Chain Resource Planning (SCRP) solutions, silos no longer need to be a concern. Consider a service like ChronosCloud—a platform for logistics optimization that removes the complexity of siloed supply chains.

    ChronosCloud Provides Visibility

    ChronosCloud completely changes the way supply chain executives view their touchpoints. Rather than considering each transportation and distribution touchpoint as a siloed process acting independently, ChronosCloud unifies the data from each supplier under a single platform to provide clarity and control. This is made possible through APIs that allow data from each supplier to be integrated in the ChronosCloud platform; these integrations provide an all-in-one system of supply chain management that lays the supply chain out in an end-to-end timeline. A linear supply chain helps operators examine more than just the performance of each supplier on its own. For the first time, it’s possible to understand the interactions and collaborations between all parties in the supply chain.

    While visibility is a primary benefit of services like ChronosCloud, its advantages extend beyond supply chain transparency. Through ChronosCloud, each segment in the supply chain is assessed to guarantee consistency and accuracy, no matter how many touchpoints exist:

    • Global Consistency. By documenting all interaction touchpoints, ChronosCloud gathers all relevant data and streamlines the inventory management process. This allows for operators to review each supplier’s service performance and identify areas that can be improved for end-to-end consistency.

    • Shipping Accuracy. Because ChronosCloud captures all information from the manufacturing point, operators gain granular control over each order. If a carton is missing or included in the wrong shipment, ChronosCloud provides a method for locating these mistakes with minimal effort or backtracking required.

    • Proof of Delivery. ChronosCloud provides a simple way to document supply chain operations for future review. Data can be assessed individually for each order and be grouped together to be sent out to auditors as needed. These workflows generally take weeks of work under traditional supply chain management but can be finished in minutes with solutions like ChronosCloud.

    Work In A World Beyond Silos

    As long as more than one party contributes to a supply chain, there are going to be divisions of responsibility. That doesn’t mean that processes and data have to be held hostage. Services such as ChronosCloud completely restructure IT management of a supply chain, offering new ways to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and establish consistent processes across suppliers. Working within silos may always be a challenge for supply chain operators, but with systems that boost visibility of each touchpoint, supply chain optimization becomes a simple task.

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