Myth 7: In-house Is Faster and Cheaper

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  • Aug. 7, 2017

    It sounds beneficial, on paper, to keep processes “in-house” for any enterprise. In-house workflows would seem to correlate with greater control, and they leverage existing resources.

    Yet, the trend towards global, multi-party supply chains is one reason why the supposed benefits of in-house workflows don’t necessarily apply. Staff are already constrained maintaining large systems that keep the core enterprise running. They don’t necessarily have the time or the expertise to forge connections and normalize data from myriad suppliers. That’s where an independent, cloud-based platform like ChronosCloud can be a significant asset.

    The Drawbacks of In-House IT

    It’s no secret that good data is an essential part of any supply chain. IT systems have become an inseparable part of controlling costs and meeting increasingly demanding service levels, but few organizations have the capabilities to create this infrastructure across all their suppliers. Internal IT systems tend to be resource-intensive, difficult to operate, and expensive to build.

    As a compromise, many enterprises seek individual solutions—“best-in-class” services obtained from a variety of suppliers while still maintaining overarching control in-house. This presents its own challenge as IT teams try to gather information from each supplier and to manage, coordinate, and attempt to integrate data from each supplier’s system. The complexity can quickly become overwhelming.

    Third-Party Supply Chain Resource Planning

    What if there was a way around this outdated strategy? What if executives could keep mission-critical functions in house while outsourcing the rest to create a system of maximum supply chain efficiency? What if you could see the full spectrum of data and analyze the entire supply chain in context so you can drive business decisions instead of operational activities. This is the benefit of ChronosCloud.

    The Power of ChronosCloud

    ChronosCloud is a powerful cloud-based platform that provides end-to-end multi-party visibility and actionable insights into the supply chain. The platform works by collecting data from each supplier touch-point in the supply chain and compiling it all under one umbrella. Not only does this method provide complete supply chain visibility, it provides comprehensive inventory management by letting users track each order across the product lifecycle. This results in less waste, less confusion, and improved efficiency of every supply chain leg. This visibility reveals many hidden costs in an un-optimized supply chain and reduces overhead required to perform day-to-day functions.

    ChronosCloud is different because it has been built from the ground up for ease of integration by experts in supply chain. With its enterprise cloud structure, ChronosCloud provides a standard, normalized platform for data from all suppliers. Using APIs, web data Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices and database integrations, the ChronosCloud team can forge connections faster and more cheaply.

    Then, our supply chain optimization engineers create a single stream of collaborative data—unlocking end to end visibility and enabling the advanced analytics that support new insights and action.

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