Myth 4: Supply Chain Visibility Requires Big IT Integrations

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  • July 17, 2017

    Supply chain visibility is a top challenge for businesses due to the complexity of modern shipping. International supply chains feature multiple touchpoints, each of which must be tracked and documented to maintain performance efficiency.

    To make matters worse, only some of those touchpoints get documented in databases. Other information is trapped online, in supplier systems, in manual processes—or isn’t recorded at all. So, while executives recognize the value in getting all of their data together, they’re at a loss to figure out how they can achieve this. It seems like an enormous IT challenge—one that would require more money and precious internal resources than an enterprise can afford.

    Supply Chain Visibility Is Simple

    As it turns out, maybe this is not the case. In an age of cloud computing platforms and pervasive data, it’s a myth to assume that extensive IT investments are necessary to tame the supply chain.

    ChronosCloud solves that challenge by bringing all of a supply chain’s multi-party data together in the cloud, then normalizing the information so it can be viewed an analyzed in a single, end-to-end interface. It’s a platform which has been engineered from the start to avoid the need for time-consuming and costly IT integrations.

    How ChronosCloud Works

    With ChronosCloud, our team builds on the foundation of your existing ERP system, creating targeted information exchanges to you and your key suppliers. Then, we augment that database information with a suite of tools to gather information from online, edge and Internet of Things (IoT) sources. As we understand the client’s goals, the ChronosCloud team takes full responsibility for onboarding partners. Because we are supply chain specialists, we understand how to access key data faster, cheaper and more effectively.

    And, after we succeed at getting your supply chain information all in one place, the power is impressive. Once data from each vendor is integrated into ChronosCloud, users can view in real-time the entire life story of a sales order as it travels through each supplier, transportation, and distribution touchpoint.

    This end-to-end timeline lets users take fine control of their supply chains and perform granular assessments of each touchpoint to identify areas of inefficiency. From there, decisions can be made about which steps can be optimized, which can be removed, and which contribute the most to your business’s competitive advantage.

    The ChronosCloud platform moves legacy supply chain infrastructure into the connected world and demonstrates the value that this real-time connectivity provides. In a global survey of over 1,850 business leaders, 46 percent of companies believed that they would soon need greater technology adaptability to handle the volume of work being generated. And of the companies surveyed, those with high levels of automation were six times more likely to experience revenue growth of more than 15 percent than those without it. For businesses who want to stay competitive in the global marketplace, keeping up with cost-effective IT integrations will be key. And while supply chain executives may balk at integrations perceived to add more steps to an already complex system, ChronosCloud is as simple and powerful as it gets. The software is designed to increase the visibility and insights of a supply chain, not add complexity.

    Small Integration, Big Results

    In our world of complicated, digitally-focused supply chain infrastructure, it’s believed any game-changing improvement will be costly and require significant upgrades to a business’s IT hardware and software capabilities. However, ChronosCloud demonstrates achieving comprehensive supply chain visibility is easier than you think.

    A simple ChronosCloud extension of your supply chain infrastructure provides many benefits:

    • End-to-end multi-party visibility
    • Cloud-based, multi-party connectivity
    • Specific insight into value-driving optimizations

    These advancements are a result of ChronosCloud’s ability to put analytics in action; it’s a platform that not only produces supply chain visibility but also offers never-before-seen opportunities for supply chain optimization to support stronger performance across the board.

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